Monday, April 18, 2011

Shake Shack - Madison Square Park

“Oh look, a wedding!” I thought, as I entered Madison Square Park yesterday afternoon. Little did I know, the cluster of people gathered around this silver “Shack” were waiting in line for a Shake Shack meal. Located in a beautiful section of Gramercy, the Shake Shack has the classy feel of a New York café, with the combination of the greasy burgers, and thick creamy shakes that hits home for all Americans.

When restaurant owner Danny Meyer opened his burger joint in this retro urban retreat, he never dreamed it would become as popular as it has. With two-hour lines, resting under the leafy canopy of trees and the spring sun is the best way to enjoy this burger shack. New Yorkers of all sorts fill the spread of green fold-up tables and benches, spilling out all over the park.

So why should anyone wait this long for a burger? The Shack has the art of the hamburger down to a near unsurpassable point. With perfectly buttered buns, fresh, ripe tomatoes, and a meat mixer than involves a paint scraper, the burgers have been built to satisfy meat eaters all over Manhattan. At just $4.50 for the “Shackburger Single,” you can’t go wrong with this park burger.

“I love the food! The burgers are great! I love their shakes. I wish I lived there,” gushed Mike Bolton, a visitor from Philadelphia. His friend, however, was not as satisfied.

“I heard all the hype about the Shake Shack,” Melissa Gran, 34, explained, “A cheesy shack, the burger was absolutely nothing to write home about and the fries; well, I couldn’t even finish the fries.”

Their shakes are all the rage, but nothing beats their “concretes.” Made with homemade frozen vanilla custard, this dessert will keep you coming back for more. Add your own mix-ins for .75 cents each or order one of the Shack’s concoctions, and you will not be disappointed. Although they range from $5 to $9, more expensive then their burgers, these “concreations” are a delicious way to end your meal.

-photos by Taylor Halcomb

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  1. Heather, this is good. i continue to enjoy your blog. I would point out, though, that it's odd to state as fact that everyone loves what the shack serves and then have one of two people quoted saying the didn't love it that much. your conclusions have to match your research. Also, don't love the link to wikepedia. Try to find more interesting links for reader. Also, i bet there are other links to hamburger related stories that would be interesting? B