Monday, April 4, 2011

Roberta's Pizza - Brooklyn

BROOKLYN - Hidden in an unlikely neighborhood, Roberta's is masked by its warehouse-style building. Don't get disheartened, however, because this hard-to-find pizzeria in Bushwick is worth it!
Stepping off the the subway, the neighborhood surrounding this joint is a little tough. There are run down buildings, and gated off holes in the ground, but who knew a gem would be hidden amongst it all? Almost impossible to differentiate from the warehouses, Roberta's door does not look like the entrance to a pizza restaurant at all. Once you step inside, however, you're in for a treat.
Decorated in a very rustic style, you walk into the restaurant and immediately see the pizza chefs working away on their special Roberta's oven. With real wood, they light a fire in the back of the oven and cook an awesome smokey flavor right into the pizza crust. When you get to your table, you notice that all of the tables wooden, with picnic benches running along the sides. In the very back of the restaurant stands a tasteful bar with an impressive selection of wines and mix drinks. Children might love pizza but Roberta's makes it fun for adults too.
The first thing we ordered was their "Special" calzone. Although $13 is a lot for an appetizer, you cannot go wrong with this order. A combination of mozzarella, tomatoes, prosciutto cutto, and mushrooms, this dish is large enough for your whole table to have a piece. This stringy, cheesy concoction almost melts in your mouth inside of a warm pocket of fresh pizza dough.
"The entire meal was great from the beginning to the end," Peter Maman, a Florida resident gushed. "From the appetizers, to the entrees, to the desert, everything was well executed."
Next was the Margarita Pizza. This 10 inch, $9 pizza is more than enough to feed two with it's incredibly fresh ingredients and choice of toppings. Traditionally the Margarita pizza comes with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil but for a dollar each, you can add whichever topics you choose. With the addition of sausage, our pizza had a perfectly light crust that was not heavy on your stomach. It had dark boils from the oven and delicious circles of melted fresh mozzarella.
"The pizza was absolutely delicious!" Erin Gunther, a housewife from Brooklyn said. "This is my favorite pizza place to take this kids. Its pizza fun and a nice atmosphere for adults all rolled into one. You can't go wrong with kids in a pizza place."

_ Photos by Taylor Halcomb

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  1. Heather, the site looks great. I love the redesign. Amazing what a difference that makes. I also really like your style of kind of us walking through your experience at the restaurant. The photos are also a nice addition. I would like to see you playing more with links and being part of a larger conversation about restaurants in the city. Maybe you can create a list of blogs you like on the side? Or link to reviews. Don't do it just to clutter the thing up, but I do want to see you taking advantage of the medium. Good job! B+