Monday, April 25, 2011

2 Bros - St. Marx Place

You can't beat pizza for a dollar a slice, especially in Manhattan, but 2 Bros Pizzeria located all over the island is a dollar pizza place you do not want to miss. At $2.75 for two slices of pizza and a can of soda, this pizza is so good you'll forget how cheap it really is. A haven for struggling students, 2 Bros offers a great meal for anyone with a dollar.

One of the most popular locations for this pizzeria is St. Marks Place, located at the Astor Place 6 train stop, one stop past Union Square. A street full of curious pedestrians, tattoo parlors, head shops, and sushi restaurants, 2 Bros found an amazing location to advertise and sell their special recipe. Though the entrance to 2 Bros is small, the lines filing out the door are always huge in comparison. This pizza restaurant is so crowded with anxious eaters, that the owners opened a second location 2 doors down!

When entering the parlor, you'll find that the doors are always wide open in an effort to accommodate its customers. Inviting you in with the tempting scent of homemade pizza, the decorations inside are nothing to write about. Complete with a long counter, a drink cooler, and pizza oven the d├ęcor leaves a lot to be desired. Hardly furnished, the scattered tables with mismatched chairs add to the ambiance of a cheap pizza parlor dinner, rarely making room for all its customers. You’re more likely to end up sitting on the curb with a paper plate and a slice than actually getting a seat.

As you wait in line, there is always a chance that you’ll get to see the real magic: the making of the pizza. Cranking out about 20 pizzas an hour, Anthony Zacardo spends the majority of the day twirling pizza dough.

“I make pizzas all day. The pizza moves so fast and at all hours, that sometimes we can’t get them out fast enough. And we only sell by the slice!” Zacardo said when I asked about his job.

This New York style pizza yields a crispy, thin crust that breaks apart from the slice with a crunchy outside and a soft inside. Although toppings are limited at this pizza joint, their perfect balance of sauce and cheese is more than enough to enjoy your slice. Often creating that cheesy string from your pizza to your mouth, the cheese is a delicious blend of Mozzarella and other cheeses the 2 Bros employees would not tell me. Although greasy, this pizza will satisfy anyone’s pizza craving.

“I come here multiple times a week,” Amanda Raviele, a student at Berkley College explained, “its my favorite pizza in all of Manhattan without the guilty pricing.”

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  1. Good. I like the way your always paint a little descriptive scene around the restaurant you're talking about. And i like the link to the map. Some of the other links feel a bit random. B