Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Rockography on the West side is a 70s rock themed restaurant with outrageous food, and a Sunday Beatles Brunch. Complete with rock posters, televisions, and a full bar, Rockography is one place you have to try. Located on the corner of 14th street and 6th Avenue, this hardcore bar offers a 20% discount to anyone with a New School ID card.
With doors located around the entire entrance, Rockography opens their doors to the gorgeous spring day, allowing the breeze to flow the restaurant. Though the bar is their main attraction, the restaurant yields enough tables for diners to come and enjoy their homemade connections. While rockstars stare back at you from their album covers, posters, and music videos.
I went to Rockography on Mother's day to enjoy the music from my
mother's favorite band; the Beatles. Greeted by a friendly waiter, Damian offered his favorite entrees right away, insisting on us ordering the $18 unlimited Mimosa and Bellini deal. Damian was decked out in a Hendrix t-shirt, with dreads down his back and an enthusiasm that was nice to see from a waiter.
First, upon Damian's request, we tried their homemade poptart. Found only at breakfast time, this poptart dominates their record-shaped menus. Complete with a sugar glaze, rainbow sprinkles and a decadent puff pastry, this poptart is nothing like you've ever tried before. At $9, this pastry is sweet enough to share with the table, offering a delicious strawberry jelly center that melts in your mouth. Delicious.
Next was a create-you-own Eggs Benedict, with your choice of a bread, meat, and sauce to top it all off. I tried a Eggs Benedict with crumbled sausage, hollendaise sauce, over french toast. It was a great $12 breakfast, however the homefries were cold and a little dissappointing. The Eggs Benedict had potential, but cold food is a no no.
It seems I wasn't the only customer who received cold food which w
as proven when I spoke to Michelle Garner, a retailer in the area. "For $18 I got a cold waffle, dry chicken, and some Aunt Jemima Syrup... I really wanted to like this place but it was overpriced, and the food is cold. To put it simply - this place didn't rock. At all!"
Lastly, my sister ordered the French Toast, Damian's last suggestion. An amazing combination of layered french toast, jelly, and nutella this is the most decadent French Toast you will ever try. The best thing on the menu, in my opinion, this $12 meal is impossible to finish, but you'll want to.
"This is my favorite thing on the menu but I've never finished it. I've tried twice," Damian laughed. He continued to tell us that this was his favorite thing on the menu and obviously a must-try.