Sunday, March 6, 2011


TIMES SQUARE – Dallas BBQ on 42nd street is an enjoyable excursion for any college student with its cheap prices and great food, so bring your appetites and your Ipod because you’re in for a long wait.

The “Texas” size drinks are the first things on the menu that must receive credit. Order a Texas-size Coke, and be prepared for a goblet full. This holds true for the margaritas and daiquiris, too, yielding little tubes full of liquor held steadily by these frozen concoctions. Ask for an extra shot and be prepared for three shots worth of your favorite liquor, which you can pour into your drink or take separately.

However the drinks aren’t the only thing spicing up this two-story monster of a restaurant. You cannot go to a BBQ restaurant without trying their baby back ribs and Dallas BBQ is no exception. Although these ribs are steamed and then grilled, which is somewhat false advertising seeing as BBQ ribs should be smoked, this $8.99 platter comes with no description. Messy, of course, prepare yourself for some tender BBQ taste. Customers raved about their original BBQ flavor and overall service.

“The ribs were fall off the bone tender and very tasty,” Alice Thompson gushed, “We immediately ordered Texas size margaritas with an extra tequila shot, the crispy combo and half an order of hot wings. The value is great here, I think our bill was $120 for the 4 of us.” Traveling from Atlantic City, New Jersey, Alice, 28, could not stop raving about the excellent service.

This “excellent service” became a product of subjectivity, on the other hand, as other customers were heated about the long wait. “We were corralled like cattle ready for slaughter while waiting for a table,” Cadence Grover, 38, growled. After 45 minutes of hungry waiting, “We were given a seat with a view of the ladies room and the HUGE lineup of women waiting to use the facilities.” Our neighbors from Barrie, Canada continued to complain about the lacking service and waiters’ blatant “disinterest” in taking orders or delivering food.

The Onion loaf, which claim’s to be the “Best in NYC.” Although I couldn’t call myself a connoisseur of onion loafs, Dallas BBQ’s was definitely something to remember. Only $5.99 in price, this crispy mass of softly battered onion strands is a delicious tower of less-than-greasy goodness. “You HAVE to try the onion loaf,” waitress Jennifer Grotin recommended, “it’s an unfair fight if you don’t.”

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